Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just some updates...

It's been quite a while since I posted anything in here and I haven't worked on any of my comics much either. I seem to spend most of my time at work or asleep. With so little time left to myself working on comics takes a back seat to things that keep me happy. Because if I don't do anything that makes me happy I'll end up trying to kill myself... again... (Prescription drugs only go so far) Sure, I like making comics, but it starts to feel like another job after a while and I get burned out on it. So I'm taking it slow and doing what I can when I can without stressing myself too badly.

I've also needed some free creation time that I don't get with my Black Marker Trinity, (The Black Marker Detective, Confessions Of A Teenage Carnivore, Fox Chicks) so I've started two new comics. One where I can be serious and moody, and one where I can just have fun. You'll be able to find them both in the links to my comics here on the site. Neither of them have any set updating schedule. I'll just be updating them when I get the time.

I've also been reading a few new web comics (new to me anyways) seeing as a few of my favorites have ended. So I'll be adding them to the links as well and probably be doing a few reviews.

That's pretty much all until I start posting something real.

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