Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I finally got around to putting up Confessions Of A Teenage Carnivore. I had put the comic idea on the shelf and started working on a different comic, but when I found out that the name I wanted to use was already taken and couldn't come up with a different name I liked I put that one on the shelf and took COATC back down. There are only two pages up at the moment, I had the first 5 pages drawn but it was in a different art style and when I decided that COATC would in fact take place in the same world as The Black Marker Detective I had to re-draw all the pages in the same style as that comic. I also hate drawing the same page more then once. So that's why new pages of COATC are slow coming. But once I get through the first 5 pages it should start to be a pretty good comic. Or at least I hope. I for one really like the idea I have planned out for it. It's just a matter of if my readers will stick with it long enough to see the actual story, or if they will stop after the first 5 pages saying, "Eww... This is a yucky vore fetish comic!" and stop reading.

It's really not a vore fetish comic. Well... okay it is... But that's not all it is. It's more of a deeply emotional (and slightly controversial) drama that just happens to double as a vore fetish comic for allegorical purposes. That's what I intended for it to be anyways...

And on a 2nd note, I have finally made it into chapter 5 of The Black Marker Detective. The prologue that went up today is will last a few more pages before we get back into the story. I know it's slightly annoying. You may be saying, "But I just read the last chapter! Why do I need you to fill me in on what I just read?"

Well there are two reasons I'm doing this. The first is that there are a number of things I want to point out and/or say that I can't really do without either branching off on pointless tangents or breaking the 4th wall. And since breaking the 4th wall and having Hoofy explain it to you is faster I went with that.

The other reason, and the biggest one, is that I'm very behind in my work. I have been finishing the pages for TBMD the day they are scheduled to go online. That's not healthy for the comic or my nerves. I use to have the pages done 5 or 6 in advance... Doing this prologue allows me to finish a page with only drawing two images and sticking in some text. It's fast. I can build up a number of pages that are ready to go online. And I can get up to speed and fave time to actually work on the new pages instead of rushing them like I have been doing. With the fact that I'm now drawing a lot more background then I use to I'll need that extra time.

Yes... I know I pretty much just said that I'm A lazy bastard and the prologue is just a way for me to take it easy for a while, but that's how it is. So deal with it for a few weeks.

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