Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Colored Pencils

Anyone who's ever read The Black Marker Detective should know that the whole comic is drawn in black markers with certin details colored in with colored pencils. I'm not going to pretend I didn't get the coloring idea from Frank Miller's Sin City. I did. And I chose to use colored pencils instead of coloring it digitally because I think it adds to the rough, I want to say gritty, look of the comic.

But I've come up with a little problem now thanks to my choice. The colored pencils I used for Chaku's hair and Nolly's eyes, hair, and nose were two heavily used stubs I dug out of a box of crayons and pencils just becaused I likede how the colors looked on paper. The names of the colors were long gone and only the one used for Nolly still had a brand name on it. Pentech. A brand I have never heard of before. Chaku's pencil only has made in China left on it.

Now both pencils are almost gone. Used down to the nub. And I can't seem to find replacements for them. I haven't really looked into every color Crayola offers, but seeing as I'm pretty sure Chaku's pencil wasn't a Crayola I have been trying to stay away from that brand. It's easy to tell because Crayola goes on very smooth, not at all like this one I've been using. It has to be a cheaper brand. And I can't even find Pentech pencils. Do they even still make those things? So I have been looking through RoseArt. I picked up their 64 count box of crayons, and their 72 count box of colored pencils. Yet I can't find a match for either of the pencils I need to replace.

For Chaku I'll probably be able to make due. I found that RoseArt's Emeralg Green is very close to the color I've been using for her hair. But I'm having no luck at all with Nolly. The Pentech pencil I have been using has been sharpened from both sides (who does that?) so while the name of the brand is still there, the name of the color is gone. I would guess it to be something like a Neon Pink, but even in a 72 count box RoseArt has nothing like it. I found that if I mix Cerise and Orchid I get something close, but you can still see the difference and it doesn't quite pop like the other one did. I don't know what I'm going to do. I like the color I already have for Nolly and don't want to change it. The comic will out-last the pencil so if I can't find someone who sells Pentech pencils I'm going to be screwed!

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