Friday, July 31, 2009

Crossover Project!

I am currently working on the NEW script for chapter 7 of The Black Marker Detective. The old chapter 7 would have been Shadow's 2nd trip into the afterlife, but that's being pushed back a chapter now. My long time friend DJ Crimson Fox and I are now putting together a crossover story with his characters.

He has a cast of well developed characters and story line for them, but has never used them for anything. I keep telling him do a comic or if you can't draw and don't have the cash to hire an artist, do some text fiction. But he never does so now I'm helping him get his characters into print.

It will be a bit interesting seeing as his characters are so drastically different from my own. They work at/run a clothing company for women who's attributes are much bigger then what is considered normal. So all of the female characters are very, very large, if you get what I am saying...? The idea was to have some kind a mystery happen there at the company that Shadow would get hired to figure out. The script is coming along nicely, but I'm not sure how it's going to turn out when it comes time to draw the comic. I'll make it work but I'll be outside my comfort zone. I'm not use to drawing girls built as heavily as his characters.

Is short, boobs so big a blind man couldn't miss them will be a new, and challenging experience for me.

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