Sunday, May 10, 2009

(Comic Review) Cats n' Cameras

I use to do anime reviews all the time on an older blog, but this will be my first web-comic review. Something I plan to do at least a few times a month.
Today I'm looking at Cats n' Cameras (c) TJA Productions & V. Kyrie
This is a comic I have had my eye on since it first came out. The reason being that it came out at the same time as my own comic, The Black Marker Detective. I wanted to see how well a well drawn comic did in comparison to my own comic with it's experimental art style that was... umm... not well drawn. Although I now know I picked the wrong comic to use for this. The reason? Cats n' Cameras is sexed up. My comic isn't. I was expecting Cats n' Cameras to get more page hits then me but 319,358 hits vs. 1,936 hits over the same amount of time? And Cats n' Cameras doesn't even update as much as my comic does. Could it be that people really are more concerned about art then story? Or is it just the sex?
Cats n' Cameras is about Josephine Rodgers, an anthropomorphic cat who has returned from college to become a partner of the store in which she helped her friend, James Di Benedetto, (the comic's leading male character) fund the purchase of. The comic is never 100% clear on what this store really is. As best as I can gather it's a camera shop where they also shoot porn in the basement/back room. Do people know they shoot porn there? Is it bootleg? Do they sell the porn in the shop? I have no idea. The actual function of the store isn't really a big part of the comic, or at least it isn't yet. It's more of a plot device used both to bring Josephine back home, triggering the start of the story, and to show a lot of her, James, and their best friend, Sarina Doyle, (the comic's comic relief) having sex at work.
Don't get me wrong. The comic is beautifully drawn, fun to read, and the characters are very distinct and memorable. It's a very nice comic, even if the story is going nowhere fast. I guess the bottom line is, if you were to stop me on the street and ask me what Cats n' Cameras was all about, I wouldn't really be able to tell you. I could tell you I like the comic and read it every week, but that's about all...

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  1. Gotta thank you for your review.. We're working on making the story have some more sence to it, but at once a week, it'll take a bit... Promise we'll explain more as we can.. Thanks again ~Cheetah