Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Controversial Webcomic Project

Yippy! My first scheduled update on TBMD was today! I made my first deadline! The other 64 pages that came before it don't count because they were sporadic updates. Now I'm officially a weekly webcomic! But moving right along...

I started working on a 2nd comic today. It's the vore comic I have had planned for some time now. That's right, I'm doing another comic with a controversial topic. (As if I don't have enough controversial topics planned out for TBMD's currant two year script...) One which could very likely get it labeled as a fetish comic. But that's okay. I like controversy and questionable subject matter. If a comic doesn't cause controversy or provoke some kind of thought from it's readers, then what was the point in writing it? It's like when I open the Sunday paper to the comic pages and the very first comic there is Peanuts, so I read it... Then the strip turns out to be pointless and only just barely mildly funny at best. And I say, "why did I read that?" But the better question is, why did the writer write that? If the comic inspires nothing from it's readers other then a desire to have back the time wasted reading it, then I don't think the writer should have even bothered getting out of bed that morning.

So yes, I'm making a vore comic. It won't be just an excuse for kinky porn like so many other vore comics are. In fact it will take place in the same universe as TBMD and quite possibly have a number of cross-overs with said comic. And hopefully when it's finished it will inspire some kind of thought, some kind of emotion, from it's readers. Even if the only kind of emotion it can inspire from some of you is disgust, it's still better then nothing at all.

So keep an eye out for my new up-coming comic, Confessions Of A Teenage Carnivore. I'll post more about it on this blog as the project progresses, as well as a link to the comic when I get it up.

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