Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stop the presses!

I read a web comic called Concession. I like the comic, I really do, but the page I just read (#111) has just ruffled my fur. Now when I first started reading the comic I looked at the character profiles and noticed that it listed the sexual orientation and chosen religion of each of the characters. So I knew this would play a big part in the comic (or at least I guessed...). I didn't know (and still don't know) the orientation of the author, but seeing how most of the characters were either homosexual or bi-sexual I sort of figured it was going to be a pro-gay comic. And that's okay, you know. I don't have a problem with that. Freedom of speach and all that. I urge comic authors to write about whatever they want regardless of how others feel about it.

Except for those bastards at Softpaw Magazine! Burn them all! *Laughs at his own double standard*

But there are still some things I don't like. One of such things would be misrepresentation. (Look at the currant conversations between Shadow and Virgil in my own comic, The Black Marker Detective) And I came across two things that ruffled my fur in the before mentioned page of Concession.

First off, we have Father Timothy McNeil (who is like a Catholic priest I guess. He's Church of the Shepard but I took it to be his world's version of the Catholic Church) telling Matt that homosexuality is not wrong. I could simply write it off by saying 'Oh he's Catholic, what do you expect? He's probably sucking some poor alter boy's cock himself.' But this isn't the kind of priest Timothy is portrayed as.

You know, this is the same reason I hated Associated Student Bodies. If you are going to make a pro-gay comic fine, but why is it every time some one does they feel a need to show the church approving of the main character's choice? Because let's face it; the church does not approve... The christian religion does not approve... The Bible itself calls such an act "an abomination"! So I don't know why people keep doing this. Why not be realistic and show the church rejecting him instead? Do you really feel such a need to impress your views onto others who don't share them? I think I'll stop on this topic before I Really start ranting...
The other problem I had with the page came when Father Timothy says, "As long as no one gets hurt, you'll be fine." More misrepresentation. I happen to know very well that this isn't a christian teaching. In fact it sounds a lot like the Wiccan code of conduct which states "As long as no one is hurt, do as you will."
So did the author know what he was doing when he wrote this page? Because it seems to me that he's making the christian church (or the Catholic church at least) out into something it's not all so it can serve his own needs.
As I've made clear in other blogs, I'm against censorship and I am all for authors making comics about topics other people may or may not approve of. I love controversy. But misrepresentation is the same as slander. Having been the victom of slander before I don't like it when I see it. Some may think I'm just bashing on this comic for it's pro-gay statements since I'm not gay myself. But I don't care if anyone want to be gay or promote it in comics. I have every issue of Circles and I rather like the comic. That doesn't bother me. It's making one thing out to be something it isn't that bothers me, no matter what it is...

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