Sunday, May 17, 2009

(Comic Review) Raine Dog

If I had to describe the comic "Raine Dog" (which I do conisdering I'm writing a review on it) I would say 'subtle, yet breathtaking'. Those three words seem to sum up the whole thing quite nicely.
The art is simple yet beautiful is it's clean, smooth, cartoon look and the way the only color the cartoonist uses is blue almost makes me think I'm looking at a Picasso. Sure, Dana Claire Simpson doesn't exactly draw like Picasso, but it inspires the same kind of mood and feelings in me that I get when I look at Picasso's blue works. This helps set up the mood for the comic's story; a slightly melancholy tale of life through a dog's point of view. Or, if you look a bit deeper, what the comic really comes down to is a look at all the classic cartoons where humans keep sentient, talking animals as pets, and then asks "what would that really be like?" Think if you were to take 'Calvin and Hobbes' or 'Garfield' and then set it in the real world. That's sort of what 'Raine Dog' does and it's just amazing.
The story touches on many subjects and makes the readers look at them in ways they probably never have before. It was interesting when after reading the comic I found myself wondering if animals have souls, or if referring to a dog simply as "girl" wasn't just as disrespectful as making a racist comment towards another human? But the topic of forbidden love reaching well into the taboo and the consequences of such actions was what really grabbed my attention and made me take notice of this comic. I don't want to give away too much of a spoiler for those who haven't read the comic yet, but once the mentioned consequences had been had, I found myself asking if it was really fair? In fact, I found myself asking if zoophilia was even such a bad thing? (note I said zoophilia, not beastailitly) That's some talented writing when you can make me ask a question like that! And that's the kind of stuff I look for...
The comic itself isn't very far along at the moment; only 22 pages... But I will be keeping a close eye on this one. It has the potential of becoming a real masterpiece in my opinion. And that's just what I expect it to become.

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