Friday, May 15, 2009


Three cheers for the platypus! The 2nd most amazing animal in the animal kingdom! It looks like the result of a duck and a beaver getting drunk on the beach one night. It's a mammal yet it lays eggs. The males are poisonous. It's a mostly aquatic animal (and does all it's mating under water) despite the fact that when under water it is 100% blind and deaf. And if you ever need to introduce an interesting new character into a comic to keep things from getting boring the platypus is always a good choice! Look for the coming of the platypus in The Black Marker Detective.

And did you know I use to think that the platypus had an abdominal pouch, like a kangaroo? It doesn't, but I always thought it did. I think this is because the artist Steve Burt had made a platypus character named Katypus who had an abdominal pouch. Most of the pics of her sadly seem to have been removed from his VCL account along with the rest of his adult art and I don't know where to find them anymore. -_- I always thought Katypus was a cool character even if she DID have me very confused on the platypus anatomy.

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