Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That makes you gay?

Yesterday while I was on my lunch break at work a guy I work with asked me, "Does it bother you that people think your gay?"

This was new. I didn't realize people thought this about me. Well I knew Will had asked me at least twice if I was gay, but that's Will. If you knew him you would understand. But I didn't know everyone else was thinking this as well.

I told the guy that I didn't care what other people thought because I knew for myself what my sexual orientation was and that was the only thing that mattered. Then he started rambling on as he does and while I didn't get all of it, I heard him say "just because you don't have a constant string of girlfriends or aren't on a cell-phone all the time people shouldn't think that about you..."

Really? Is that what people judge this stuff on? How many girlfriends you have, how fast you go through them, and how much you are on the cell-phone? Because that doesn't sound like something that would make me happy. Going through girlfriends all the time would mean I was constantly breaking up with people, which isn't fun... And being on the cell-phone all the time would mean I don't have a life of my own and had to talk to other people every moment of the day... I have devoted my time to things that matter, to me at least. Like being a cartoonist. So if spending my time on that instead of these other superficial things makes people think I'm gay then let them think I'm gay...

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